Prince of Peace Congregational Council Members
Council Responsibilities Relating to Our Core Committees
James Jennings       Council President            Finance,                  
                                                          Technology Committee     
Jacqueline Horn       Council Vice-President      Finance, F &F Committee,
                                                           Technology Committee
Bern Deichmann      Council Secretary              Finance
Georgia Suranofsky                                        Stewardship
Brenda Hughes                                              Christian Ed
James Poliskiewicz                                          Property
Cathy Mullen                                                  Social Ministry
Kelly Hill                                                         Stewardship
                                                                     Technology Committee
Marlene Stana                                                 Technology Committee
Richard Kessler                                                Finance
Kathy Williams                                                 Worship and Music
John Martocci                                           Property 
This list represents the primary committees where our council members use their talents to help our congregation. They are also active in other areas of this congregation, such as alter guild, youth group, Sunday School, and other programs that help to continue the life of POP.