Exclusive Pin Designed for POP

Prince of Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church commissioned a local Jewelry Designer to create a pin that embodied every aspect of our church and religion. Our church approached Jill Elizabeth who has owned the area business for 30 years, with a few ideas for the pin. She then designed different proto-types for our churches committee to view. The committee decided upon the final design shown in the photo. It is more than a simple cross. It has the trademark mirrored look of Liz Tech ,with many significant colors and symbolscelebrated by most Christian faiths. The crown is a symbol, representing Christ the king, ( Prince of Peace ). The red stone in the center of the crown signifies the blood of Christ, while the olive branch is a sign of peace. Beautiful vintage crystals used on the pin were handcrafted in Austria and the Czech Republic. The purple crystals symbolize royalty, and the green crystals represent growth. The budded cross has 3 buds on each end of the cross. The three buds grouped together can represent the Trinity, while all buds totaled together could be a representation of the twelve apostles. It is designed to predominately wear as a pin, however, an adapter can be attached to the crossbar to transform it into a pendant worn as a necklace. The adapter is available separately.

This exclusively designed pin can be purchased
at our church or at the Liz Tech Gallery in East Stroudsburg, PA. If you are
interested in the pin, you may contact the church office at 610-588-2355. The
cost is $55.00, and comes with a traditional Liz Tech story card explaining the
symbolic foundation of the pin.