Do you know who the Go-Wams are? No? I’ll tell you. We are a group of 17 women over the age of 60 who meet monthly at local restaurants for lunch and fellowship. Our dues is $1.00 per month. When I joined the Go-Wams in 2010 our group numbered about 12, I’m happy that we are growing in numbers. What do we do with our dues? OK, I’ll tell you that also. On Mother’s Day we delivered silk flower arrangements to our homebound members. We donated 3 gift cards and 2 gift baskets to the Silent Auction in July. In December we donated $65.00 each to The Salvation Army and the new animal shelter in Bangor. In lieu of exchanging gifts we each donated $10.00 (for a total of $170.00) and gave it to The Slater Family Network. Not bad work for a small group of women who meet monthly and just have fun getting to know each other! I also want to say this group is not inclusive to POP members; we have 2 ladies who are not members of POP. So if you want to join and don’t want to come alone, please bring a friend, male or female. If you want more information about the Go-Wams please see me, Mary “O”. Oh by the way Go-Wams stand for: Golden Oldies, Wise And Mature.

Matthew 18:20 For where two or three come together in my name,

I am there with them.