Prince of Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church
2445 Lake Minsi Drive, Johnsonville, Bangor PA 18013

Prince of Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church
is a growing community celebrating our Lord Jesus Christ! A strong Christian fellowship reigns supreme within the walls of our
beautiful country church.  POP was created in 1976 following a merge of 3 area churches.  The foundation of our faith helped us
to unify our congregations to become one.  
Strengthened by our faith in God and one another,
we worked together to build a beautiful place where we can embrace the written word. 
If you would like to attend our facility for
worship, learning, or to join in the fellowship
celebrating our Lord,  POP doors are always open. 
We welcome all who want to experience our faith,
and celebrate the word of

Christ has died! Christ has risen! Christ will come again!
Thanks be to God!





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Our Mission Statement
Prince of Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church 
is a community of believers in the
Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Guided by the Holy Spirit,
our mission is to seek and serve 
in all people, through    
worship, learning and outreach.