POP's Garden
"The mission of the POP's Garden Project is to plant and maintain a church  garden with the purpose of growing vegetables for donation to our local  food pantries.  We believe that providing freshly grown produce as an  alternative to processed foods can greatly benefit the health of many  hungry families in our community."
We continue to sow seeds of love in POP's Garden.  The garden on the church's property harvest has been earmarked for donation to local food pantries.  Church member Laraine Brands put her idea into action in 2013 when she began working on bringing the garden to life.  When asked what inspired her idea, she replied, "Every time I'd drive past St. Peter Lutheran Church, Plainfield Township, and see their garden, I'd think, Why can't our church do something like that?" 
POP Garden News from January 2017 Newletter
We finished up a very productive growing season the week of Thanksgiving with some beautiful broccoli.  Our final numbers were 3,391 pounds of produce delivered to P.U.M.P. exceeding last year by 554 pounds.  Our onions didn't produce as well but we added butternut squash and that helped.
We grow broccoli, cabbage, cucumbers, onions, boc choy, peppers, butternut squash, kale string beans, tomatoes and zucchini.
Many thanks to everyone that helped this year.  Hopefully we will have our help come back next year.
                                             The Garden Committee