Social Ministry


Some of our ongoing Social Ministry projects currently taking place at POP Church: 
    The Social Ministry Committee will be giving out handmade crochet and knit scarves,
on Saturday, Oct. 14th in Portland and Saturday, Oct. 28th in Bangor.
In Bangor we'll be on Broadway between the library and Rt. 191,
in Portland we'll be on Rt. 611 next to the Portland Market.
Meals for Mending
Food baskets at Christmas
**Food collection throughout the year for PUMP**
Good Samaritan Fund
Baby Care Kits
Christmas Gifts for PUMP
Souper Bowl
**Blessed Bust Hands**
Fair Trade Coffee 
Ash Wednesday & Fall Luncheons

Thanks you to everyone at Prince of Peace for your generosity towards your neighbors around the world. 

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