Social Ministry


Some of our ongoing Social Ministry projects currently taking place at POP Church: 
Meals for Mending
Food baskets at Christmas
**Food collection throughout the year for PUMP**
Good Samaritan Fund
Baby Care Kits
Christmas Gifts for PUMP
Souper Bowl
Coupon Project
**Blessed Busy Hands**
Fair Trade Coffee 
 Ash Wednesday & Fall Luncheons
**Pictured Above**
Thank you Prince of Peace!     

 Community Helping Hands
  Prince of Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church is in full communion partnership with East Bangor United Methodist Community Church.  Some of our members help with the set-up, serving the food, clean-up and many more provide the desserts each month.  Our summer social ministry project is collecting toilet tissue for them, many people who attend these dinners are in need of it and so much more.  We are happy and blessed to be able to work with them, in helping the community.  
Items Donated to Lutheran World Relief 

Last month, all of the items collected for Lutheran World Relief during the past 9 months were taken down to the warehouse in Baltimore.  These items will be distributed around the  globe wherever they are needed.  The items collected were:

50 child care kits
28 personal care kits 
14 fabric kits
7 large quilts
226 bars of soap 
Thanks you to everyone at Prince of Peace for your generosity towards your neighbors around the world. 

The 2015 Special Joyful Noise Offering Project Has Been Chosen!

The Social Ministry Committee has decided that the special project for this year will be to help raise money for the ELCA World Hunger’s Walk for Water campaign.  Globally, 1.8 billion people drink from contaminated water sources.  This unsafe water causes the death of more than 840,000 people each year, almost half are children under the age of 5.  More than 2.5 billion people have no access to basic sanitation, like indoor plumbing and running water.  In fact, more people have access to a mobile phone than a toilet.  And in Sub-Saharan Africa women and girls walk more than 3 miles each day, just to carry water home for their families.  All money raised will be used to purchase irrigation piping, to bring water closer to the people who need it.  Each $150.00 can purchase 100 feet of piping.  There will be a map in the narthex showing the progress of a irrigation canal from a clean water source to the nearby village.  We hope to raise enough money throughout the year to purchase 500 feet of piping.  So, keep collecting that change and let’s make an even more Joyful Noise Offering this year! 

WE DID IT!  Thanks to the generosity of everyone at Prince of Peace, we raised a total of $1230.00 in the Joyful Noise offerings during the year, of which $615.00 will go to our special water project.  We actually surpassed our $600.00 goal.  Thank you again for your unfailing support. 

The 2016 Special Project Has Been Chosen! 
The Social Ministry Committee has chosen which projects will be supported from this year's Joyful Noise offerings.  Half of the offerings will be sent immediately to the ELCA World Hunger Appeal.  The other half will be saved during the year to purchase items for the Lutheran World Relief.  We are hoping to raise $620.00 during the year to purchase the following items: coffee seedlings, cocoa seedlings, playground toys, medical supplies, smokeless cook stoves and a rickshaw.  There will be a thermometer in the narthex that will keep track of our progress.  So, keep saving that change and support our monthly Joyful Noise offerings. 
Tired of all of the catalogs showing up in your mail box?
You can reduce the number you receive and help the environment at the same time. There is a phone app, called Paper Karma, for Android and I-phones, that can help. Register with them, and when an unwanted catalog arrives, simply take a picture of it, send it to Paper Karma, and they will contact the company and ask them to remove you from their list. While companies are not obligated to stop sending you their catalog, most do obey your wishes. So, help the environment and help reduce the amount of clutter in your mailbox, and give it a try.  

If you use coupons and find that you have extras, feel free to donate them for the troops.  Military families can use coupons 6 months past the expiration date.  The only thing I ask is that they come TRIMMED.  It saves me time and I can mail them out faster.  If you would like to donate money to help with the postage, you may do that too.  They are being mailed out once a month.  You can place them in the Narthex.  Thanks to all who participate!
Coupon Update: 
As of February 2017 - $42,234.30 has been sent to a military base in Germany. 
                                    The coupons are clipped and donated by our members.