Pastor: The Rev. Michael J. Scholtes


The pastor’s responsibilities include preaching and teaching the Word of God in accordance with the Holy Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions; administering the sacraments of Holy Baptism and Holy Communion; leading worship; proclaiming the forgiveness of sins; providing pastoral care; and equipping the congregation for witness and service.

Music Coordinator: Emily Brands

The Music Coordinator serves as the lead musician at Prince of Peace, providing organ and piano support during worship services. The Music Coordinator is also responsible for planning special music opportunities in our services throughout the year, including directing choirs.

Youth, Young Adult, and Family Coordinator:

Judy Trigg   908-910-8250;

The Youth Coordinator is responsible for coordinating and planning events for the children and youth in our church. The Youth Coordinator works closely with the Christian Education Committee.

Parish Secretary: Annette Buss


The Parish Secretary is responsible for assisting with administrative functions and maintaining the clerical operations of the congregation. Duties include parish record keeping, printed and projected worship service materials, communication, and maintaining a schedule of events.

Custodian: Candy Rissmiller


The Custodian is responsible for cleaning and routine maintenance of the church building.

Treasurer: Joyce Weishaupt


The Treasurer maintains all financial accounts for the church, acts as the primary agent for handling invoice payments and payroll, and acts as the financial manager of the church.